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I Survived Blogging 101. And Ended Up With a Crop of New Blogging Buddies.


For our last blogging 101 assignment, we’re to think of a plan for the next 30 days and then use this space to thank five fellow bloggers who we’ve come in contact with over this past month.

The first part is easy.  Over the next month, I need to continue to tend both my garden and this blog.  Both are in their “high growth” stage; both need feeding; both need weeding.

The second challenge is a little more difficult.  I’ve come across so many interesting blogs and the people behind the blogs, it’s hard to limit my list to five.   Even if I hadn”t learned anything new about blogging, the class would have been worth it just for stumbling on these fantastic bloggers.  But, what’s even better, I did learn something.  I learned a lot of things–some things I was hoping to learn more about.  And some things I didn’t even know I needed to learn about.  So with that, here are my Five Favorite (Blogging) Friends:

Perelincolors. No surprise there!  This is really a wonderful blog.  Check it out and you’ll see our colorful world in a whole new light.

Lucile de Godoy.  What first attracted me to this post was Lucile’s name.  Seriously, isn’t Lucile de Godoy a fantastic name?  Her blog is almost as good as her name.  And others agree because she has over 500 followers.

Farmer Fi.  She has an olive grove!  An olive grove!  Can you imagine?  This blog is about olive oil and all the wonders therein.  “nuf said!  If you haven’t checked out this blog, what are you waiting for?

Metamorphis of a Wallflower.   Wallflower is no wallflower.  She is a college student taking a gazillion classes.  She is a beautiful writer, which is obvious because so many Blogging 101 classmates have checked out her blog, mentioned her, etc.  She deserves the attention.  As a college professor, I sometimes despair over the state of education, but students like Wallflower give me hope.

Grynnie.  She is a new blogger and has a great future ahead of her.  I know she would appreciate some of you all checking out her blog.

So there you have it!  Five of my favorites.  I really could add a bunch more.  Thank you all for the support you’ve provided over the past 30 days.  I’ve learned as much from you as I did from our faithful leaders.  Hoping to see many of you around the neighborhood in Blogging 201.


Author: CJPardun

I'm a professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. I am passionate about rowing, I'm mostly scared about sailing (but I'm competent), I love to cook when I don't have to, and I have some fairly strong opinions about journalism education.

4 thoughts on “I Survived Blogging 101. And Ended Up With a Crop of New Blogging Buddies.

  1. I was going from blog to blog, to write to those I wanted to express how much I have enjoyed the Blogging101 ride with them, but also their writings. You are one of them. You found me, and I am grateful you did it, as in this way I could find you too. I confess that your photo was a decisive factor to check your blog, as it spoke very loudly about the kind of person you would be and that attracted me immediately. It’s has been a delight to follow your two blogs and I will continue reading your muses regularly.

    Then I found out that you wrote about my blog.

    Can I say that I feel like an impostor, or will you think that I am cheating for having read that sentence at another post of yours? Don’t believe in appearances, 500 followers not always convert into regular readers, who comment and help me improving. I’m still pretty much under construction.

    Carol, As I write here, I see your credentials above this box, which are impressive. Every word you say has a weight and value to me, much bigger than you may think. I cannot hide how grateful and happy I am with this recognition. I am honored. Heartfelt thanks.

    I will not forget to tell your opinion about my name to my mother; she had to fight hard to convince my father. My full name is much longer than that though…but that is another (long) story.

    I will see you here and at Blogging201!

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  2. Your garden and your blog are lovely. I am so impressed that you are also a South Carolina lady. Watch out for those allegators! Come to see us way up in Columbia sometime.


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