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Good soil. Good students. And maybe some decent English peas.

Ah, Well, It was Lovely While it Lasted. It’s Near the End of My Garden–and This Little Blog.


It’s December.  Who grows things in December?  I’m trying–and because I am in coastal South Carolina, I figured I had a pretty good shot of making it through the winter.

But, first the polar vortex arrived.  Bye, bye, lima beans.  Then the Omega Effect hit.  C’mon snap peas, hold on!  Then the clouds and the rain, rain, rain.

Now, we’re back to a more normal winter here.  Chilly at night, but sunny during the day.  Unfortunately, my little garden was hard enough hit in November to struggle a bit.  It’s hanging in there, but it’s not what I would call flourishing.

Still, I was able to pick a decent crop the other day.

Lettuce, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.

Lettuce, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.

But, now the garden is moving into its quiet phase.  I might get a bit more lettuce and a few more tomatoes.  Other than that, it’s now a waiting game for the carrots and parsnips.

The good news is that I’ve learned a lot about gardens from my little fall sabbatical garden.  And I’m already planning what to grow in the spring.  The other good news is that I’ve learned a lot about blogging.  I started The Professor & Her Garden while taking the Blogging 101 class.  I didn’t want to mess up my real blog, My Year Away.  But, I came to enjoy this little blog and couldn’t quite bring myself to shut it down.  But, just like my garden, it’s moving into its quiet phase.  I don’t know if I’ll revive it come spring with my new garden.

Although I am a professor, when it comes to my plants,  I have been the student.  And I’m grateful.  Thank you, all, for following this blog.  I hate to say good-bye though, so it would be wonderful if you chose to follow me at My Year Away.  I’ve got all sorts of things growing over there.  Thanks to Blogging 101 and all the great bloggers I met during that month!


Author: CJPardun

I'm a professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. I am passionate about rowing, I'm mostly scared about sailing (but I'm competent), I love to cook when I don't have to, and I have some fairly strong opinions about journalism education.

6 thoughts on “Ah, Well, It was Lovely While it Lasted. It’s Near the End of My Garden–and This Little Blog.

  1. I just followed A Year Away! I have enjoyed this blog!!


  2. Thank you, Carol! It’s been a pleasure following you here and I’ll be there with you on the second blog!


  3. It has invariably been a delight to read your posts, Carol (and I’m not even a gardener, although I hope some day to have a yard that would make growing my own vegetables possible). I’ll keep watching for your latest thoughts at My Year Away.


  4. Thanks for your encouragement, Sandi! As far as having a garden, one thing I’ve learned through this process is that I think anybody can grow something! My garden is teeny (4 x 10), but it has yielded quite a few veggies. When I replant in the spring, I think I’ll be able to at least double my output. My daughter lives smack in the middle of Minneapolis and has basically turned her small urban yard into an amazing garden. If you you have a sunny window, I’m guessing you can grow a tomato plant, or lettuce, or something. Growing things has been way more restorative and encouraging than I had thought. (I’m kicking myself now for waiting so long…!!!) Anyway, thanks for following–and thanks for reading My Year Away!


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