The Professor & Her Garden

Good soil. Good students. And maybe some decent English peas.

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Today’s Assignment for Blogging 101: Change your theme.

I did…and I hate it. I’ve messed up this blog and my other “real” blog, My Year Away.

For this blog, I started with Hemingway Rewrite–a delightful theme. The problem is that lots of people use this theme (because it’s so cool!) so it might be a little trendy. Here’s what I did:
1. I tried Academica. Why not, right? This is a blog from a professor so that made sense. But, bottom line is that design just seems dull to me. (Like a lot of academics, I suppose.)

2. Spun. I’ve admired this design for awhile. It’s hip…but turns out a little too hip for my blog, which is writing focused. (Huey Lewis was right, I guess.)

3. Twenty Ten. My go-to design. It’s clean, lovely, emphasizes writing. I think I might need to go back there. (Maybe I already did…I’m confused!)

4. Fruit Shake. The blog guru said to go out of your comfort zone so I did. Big mistake.

5. Book lite. Makes sense. I write for a living. I think I ended up here, but I’m not sure.

But, I miss Hemingway (on so many levels!). I think I’m going back….what do you think?


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Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I’m participating in the 30-day Blogging 101 community. The first assignment is today: who am I?

I believe the point of this assignment is to allow all participants to introduce themselves to each other–and at the same time, to start blogging. The thing is, I already have a blot. It’s called My Year Away and I’m working pretty hard at it. So I don’t want to mess it up with these daily “let’s try this out” assignment. So, the logical thing is simply to start another blog.

Why Academic Gardening?

My “real” blog, My Year Away, is about my year-long sabbatical from academia. I’m writing about the academic administrative life I gave up, my frustrations with university politics, challenges in journalism education, etc. And, I’m also writing about the things I’m discovering during my year away.

Which brings me to gardening. During my sabbatical, I’m trying to do all sorts of new things, either because I’m actually interested in learning how to do them–or because I’m simply curious and thought it would do me some good.

Ringing handbells is an example of “it might do me some good.” Gardening is an example of, “hey, I’m really interested in learning how to do this.”

So why “Academic” Gardening? Because I’m an academic at heart, I want to see if I can apply these principles to gardening. We’ll see if I’m successful. The garden is in, by the way. Now I’m anxiously waiting to see some sort of sign that I have something there. Not unlike the feeling I have when collecting data for a study and anxiously waiting to see if there is a sign of germination. A statistically significant one would be nice.