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Good soil. Good students. And maybe some decent English peas.

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Blogging 101 Assignment for Today: Turns Out Blogging Is a Lot like Gardening.

Today’s assignment is to spiff up our blogroll.  Once I figured out that the “Blogs That I Follow” widget and the “Blogroll” widget are not the same, a whole new blogging world opened up to me.  I started getting so attached to my widgets, I decided I needed to change my theme since my previous theme required readers to click on the “hamburger” (that is blog lingo, by the way) so readers could see my widgets right away.  I was starting to get too attached to the widgets not to put them front and center.

And then it happened!  I changed my theme and lost my widgets.  I actually got a little panicked (like I said, I was getting very attached to these widgets).  Blogging community to the rescue.  I’ve got my widgets back.  And I’m tweaking here and there.  You could say that I am tending to my blog.

Just like my garden.  I’m new at blogging.  I’m new at gardening.  Each require a little bit of attention.  I’m also finding that the more attention I give them, the more attached I become.  I started the garden blog because I didn’t want to mess up my sabbatical blog, My Year Away.  But, now I’m feeling like my “real” blog is a bit neglected.  Maybe even a little bit weedy.

I guess it’s time to keep planting and see what happens.