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Today’s Assignment for Blogging 101: Change your theme.

I did…and I hate it. I’ve messed up this blog and my other “real” blog, My Year Away.

For this blog, I started with Hemingway Rewrite–a delightful theme. The problem is that lots of people use this theme (because it’s so cool!) so it might be a little trendy. Here’s what I did:
1. I tried Academica. Why not, right? This is a blog from a professor so that made sense. But, bottom line is that design just seems dull to me. (Like a lot of academics, I suppose.)

2. Spun. I’ve admired this design for awhile. It’s hip…but turns out a little too hip for my blog, which is writing focused. (Huey Lewis was right, I guess.)

3. Twenty Ten. My go-to design. It’s clean, lovely, emphasizes writing. I think I might need to go back there. (Maybe I already did…I’m confused!)

4. Fruit Shake. The blog guru said to go out of your comfort zone so I did. Big mistake.

5. Book lite. Makes sense. I write for a living. I think I ended up here, but I’m not sure.

But, I miss Hemingway (on so many levels!). I think I’m going back….what do you think?