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I Was a Little Traumatized When I Realized I Had to Actually Harvest the Garden!

As some of you know, I am becoming quite obsessed with my little garden. I check it every day. See if it needs watering. Check for weeds. Talk to it. Encourage it to grow. But today I had to do something that I’m not sure really occurred to me up until now. I had to harvest it. Okay, it was only four lettuce leaves, but they looked so beautiful in the garden, all happy in the sunshine.
I don’t know much about leaf lettuce, but I do know that it’s a fine line between tender and bitter. They looked “done” to me. I even went to the “how do I pick leaf lettuce” website to make sure I approached it correctly. (Always the professor; always doing research.)
It was time.
So, of course I first took a picture of the lettuce “pre-harvest” so I could remember. Then I picked them and pell-melled it back to the house to wash them, take pictures–and eat!
The lettuce was delicious. Peppery. Fresh. Green.
So I might be a little bit attached to my garden. But at the first bite, I rearranged my thinking and understood that some things are meant to be eaten. Now, I’m just waiting for that green tomato to turn red!

I picked my first lettuce on October 7!

I picked my first lettuce on October 7!