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Things I Never Knew About Vegetables!

A Regular Feature about Vegetables


Eating Peas for Breakfast.  (October 18)

Next time you make scrambled eggs, add peas just before the eggs are done.  It sounds crazy, but this makes a delicious meal.  Just make sure the peas are hot–otherwise, they will cool the eggs down too much.  Add your favorite cheese if you’d like (Mascarpone, Pecorino, or shaved Parmesan all are great), a splash of salt and a hefty dose of fresh pepper and you’ll have an amazing egg dish.  Give it a try!


Cooking Eggplant So It’s Not Tough.  (October 10)

Who knew?  In order to make really tender eggplant Parmesan (or anything else eggplant-y), slice your eggplant (peal some of it, but not all of it so it looks like bold stripes), SALT it on both sides and then stick it on the sides of a colander (or something else that will let the eggplant drain).  Believe it or not, by extracting the water OUT of the eggplant, you’ll make it super-tender when you cook it.  I couldn’t believe this, but I tried it and it works.  Then I started investigating and discovered that many chefs recommend this (or some version of this).


3 thoughts on “Things I Never Knew About Vegetables!

  1. This is going to be a fun series of posts. It is a very helpful tip, and I found this out through an Italian chef as well.


  2. Hi Professor 🙂 Were you able to post directly onto this page? I have two other pages set up and I’m wanting to do a bi-monthly feature on one of the pages. Yours looks great and I’ll never turn my nose up at gross eggplant again 🙂


    • Hi, Terri,
      Thanks for your comment. So I posted on the page, but I think when I do it next week for my next vegetable surprise, what I’ll have to do is go back to the page, hit “edit” and add the post. Not very elegant (and no way to alert followers of new content) so this is not really ideal, but, hey, at least it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping that Blogging 201 might give me some new insights!

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